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METADATA 166 takes us to a story in which we can talk to the dead from virtual assistants at home. Bitel explains its «gaming» business model that only goes to cell phones. Meta and Epic close deal for the metaverse standard, but leave out Apple, Niantic and Roblox. Plus, we tell you about layoffs at exchange houses and why only one in ten cryptos might survive this crypto winter.

This METADATA session comes courtesy of SISMATE, the early warning system that, earlier today, surprised more than 20 million Peruvians with a test to determine the scope of the mechanism. We explain what it is about, how it works and what you should do.

A new episode of METADATA comes to your life, with lots and lots of information from the digital world. We talk to Carlos Bernos, Country Manager of Buda.com to know the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market. We met with Gonzalo Pozo, co-founder of Jokr, an app that seeks to change the rules of delivery apps, with a promise of delivery times under fifteen minutes. We summarize Huawei’s event where it presented new Harmony OS devices and share the recent METALIVE, our usual Wednesday night session from Telegram: t.me/niusgeekcom.

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«BTW, estas chicas podrían ser advertidas, que si eres un adulto y tu mamá te da una bofetada en tres episodios a partir de ahora, definitivamente se te permite, es más, incluso se espera, que devuelvas la bofetada con toda tu juventud y vigor». — Kirby

Creo que tiene un total de 87 episodios.Buen trabajo, Kirby.Espero que Guille tenga una cantidad decente de dinero en el banco porque si no será difícil. ¡Quemar las tarjetas de crédito fue impulsivo e inmensamente tonto, pero puede conseguir otras nuevas si llama a las compañías de tarjetas de crédito y les dice que ha perdido la cartera.Los furbabies son lo primero! Es perfectamente normal que los gatos duerman con sus padres humanos. El gato de Renata (¿Por qué no tiene nombre?) siente que se está invadiendo su territorio. La quiere y no quiere compartirla con otro macho, aunque sea humano. Sin embargo, la cantidad de orina que se muestra es una verdadera licencia por parte de la productora; este gatito es demasiado pequeño para dejar tanta cantidad.¿Y qué hizo Eva en la universidad? Abrieron la puerta, como decimos en los juzgados de EEUU, así que ahora tienen que soltar los frijoles.¿Son las pastillas y el alcohol un presagio de que Lucía tendrá una sobredosis accidental? Ya veremos…

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To spice up the quarter-final playoffs of the 61st National Series, the teams defeated in the first match took revenge on Thursday, in a day where the Huracanes de Mayabeque made their debut with a victory, and the reigning national champions imposed respect on the field.

The reigning national champions, besides showing an impeccable defense on the field, and carrying out effective strategies that came to fruition, deployed a brutal artillery of 12 rockets, including three that flew beyond the limits of the field, to destroy their rivals.

The party continued when Marcos Ortega climbed up on the mound and took three unanswered hits to close the second third of the game, one of them from mask Iván Prieto with a runner on the first pad that eluded the cushions and conspired to send him to the showers.

After his departure, Guillermo Carmona’s disciples rebelled, but barely managed to step on the rubber once at the plate, when they collided again with an exquisite defense that lifted the fans from their seats several times and put the bolt on the industrialist’s aspirations.