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I have mainly worked in the Communications Team. I share in this diary my experience as an organizer and my learnings, as this may help other organizers to plan their online events, or similar.

Due to the pandemic, SotM went virtual. Since there was no community offering involved, the SotM chair invited members of the OSM community to join the SotM WG. She promoted this through the mailing list and it was shared by community members through social media and other community channels.

Recommendation: What I really recommend is the 3-day virtual format of Pista ng Map 2020, who organized the 3-day conference over 3 Fridays in November 2020. Allowing the organizing team to recharge for the next day of the conference (for a week!). #avisodeshamed The call for proposals for the Pista ng Map 2021 is now open!

A SotM 2021 Code of Conduct (CoC) was drafted. We made sure it is visible now that we allow more interactions between participants. I think we rely more on passive/report-based moderation.

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The thematic area of the Research Project, part of which is presented in this article, is Ethnomathematics. The purpose of the research is the characterization and valuation of the socio-cultural knowledge implicit in daily practice. In the geographical context of Argentina, we investigated the mathematics implicit in braided handicrafts, elaborating for this purpose our own method of ethnomathematical analysis. The methodological tool MOMET created for this formal interpretative study of braided handicrafts takes into account two aspects: the final product of the handicraft work analyzed in its global complexity and the process carried out to make it. The methodological tool developed consists of two components: an Ethnographic Analysis Method (MET) and a Mathematical Analysis Model (MOM). Both together provide us with the methodological instrument MOMET, which allows the Ethnomathematical Modeling of braided handicrafts.

We present part of a research project from the field of Ethnomathematics. The purpose of the research is to characterize and assess the socio-cultural knowledge implicit in daily practice. The geographical context is Argentina. We investigated the mathematics implicit in braiding craftwork, producing a proper method for this ethnomathematical analysis. The methodological instrument, called MOMET, created for this “formal interpretative study” of braiding craftwork, focused on two aspects: the final product of the craftwork analyzed in its overall complexity, and the process carried out to create it. The methodological tool developed consists of two components: an ethnographic analysis method (MET) and a mathematical analysis model (MOM). Together they compose the MOMET methodological tool, which enables Ethnomathematical modelling of braiding craftwork.

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The work is part of a research plan that aims to recognize and analyze the characteristics of digital magazines of culture and literature in the Argentine intellectual field. This journey began with the study of Argentine writers’ blogs (their personal spaces), and then extended, due to the development of formats and publishing platforms on the web, to collective projects that offer production alternatives with respect to online social platforms. As a new link in a series of articles on the nature of magazines born digital in Argentina, here we offer a first methodological response to the question that several authors have posed for the study of paper publications: how to read a magazine, in this case digital. The hypothesis that guides this methodological proposal is that digital magazines are offered as vehicles to understand the state of cultural, literary and intellectual production of the Argentine field, both in terms of themes and aesthetics, as well as the generation and discussion of ideas, all in the midst of the interference that the coexistence of formats has begun to have on the agenda of debates. Here we deal with publication projects that allow us to account for specific publication policies, self-identification and positioning, and different modalities of intervention in the intellectual and literary field, with different objectives.

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ARK aims to become a channel of expression and consultation for all those interested in heritage, as well as a further contribution to the irrepressible trend of interprofessional relations focused on research and debate. Our academic independence allows us to approach the various topics from all possible angles and existing points of view, with respect and responsibility, but always with a deep critical commitment to our subject of study.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in this initiative, in which we will constantly generate new ideas for the benefit of our community and collective work. If you have any suggestions, please send them to the following e-mail address: arkmagazinemx@gmail.com or directly in the comments on this page.